Acqua Al 2

3 Stars

Washington, D.C., District of Columbia


This is a real Italian restaurant in a city that lacks Italian restaurants. Acqua Al 2 understands the business meeting and caters to the businessperson. Its legacy is Florence, Italy where you can find the original Aqua Al 2 restaurant. You will not find Americanized Italian food here; you will find the real stuff. There are a select booths and tables that cater to the businessperson. The service is exceptional and they know how to take care of their guests. The decor is rustic and gives the feeling that it has been here for a very long time which is interesting since it is a new restaurant. The Politicians have found out about this place so in the evening you may be sitting next to a well-known politician or a secret service agent. They have another restaurant in San Diego which is mediocre at best.

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