Monocle on Capitol Hill

4 Stars

Washington, D.C., District of Columbia


The Monocle on Capitol Hill is an indigenous restaurant to Washington DC, in fact probably the world. It is located in the parking lot of the US Senate. Its location, the superb service and the "just darn good food" leads this place to be one of the most powerful establishments on the face of the earth. When you enter the Monocle, you are usually greeted by Nick. Nick - with his photographic memory for names - greets every Senator, Congressman, staffer and others with a big smile and an honest handshake. The place is old and comfortable with scores of photos of who's who in Washington adorning the walls and usually who's who in the world sitting in one of the booths. Sit in the middle of the restaurant facing the door and all evening you'll see a parade of the famous and most influential in politics.

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