4 Stars

Vienna, Virginia


Nostos is a Greek restaurant that is both good for executive business and for enjoying some of the best Greek food in the Nation. The food is that good. The restaurant itself is a very upscale establishment that places the business executive in a calming and enjoyable space that might make you think is on a Greek island. Did I say the food is that good? Yes it is. The menu is filled with high end Greek dishes that may be found at other Greek restaurants, but never this good. The seating is good and the sound level is tolerable. Ask for a table by the window where the background noise has been subdued. This restaurant opens at 11:00AM and goes continuously to the end of the evening. It is one of the restaurants around the Washington DC metro area where you can get a world class meal at almost any hour of the day, especially if you wanted to break away for a mid-afternoon meeting.

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