4 Stars

Vienna, Virginia


Clarity has exceptional food. This special restaurant is tucked away in a strip mall. It is a reasonably priced Bistro type restaurant that has a very special uniqueness about it. First of all, the chefs are classically trained and the dishes are far more sophisticated then you would expect from a Bistro type restaurant away from downtown Washington DC. Second, from an executive standpoint, there is a small private room in the back that is soundproof and has a full view of what’s going on in the kitchen. Third, it also has a chef's tasting bar where you are in the middle of the kitchen and can see all of the action. The rest of the dining room is OK for business. For a very unique and sophisticated experience book the private dining room, ask the chef to cook what he thinks is good, then sit back and enjoy the best in intimate surroundings, and the best food in the Washington DC metro area.

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