Executive Dining Guide.com is a web site dedicated to Executives, we look for:

  1. A Sense of Power and Wealth
  2. Proper Business Etiquette
  3. Dining Experience
  4. After Dining Experience
  5. Special Highlights

Our ratings of the restaurants consist of the following:

CEO level dining experience
President level dining experience
Vice President level dining experience
Director level dining experience
Mail Room level or unsatisfactory

1. A Sense of Power and Wealth

  • Does the restaurant have valet parking or readily available parking?
  • If readily available parking, what type of cars are in the parking lot?
  • How does the restaurant look as you enter?
  • Old money, new money, stylish, understated elegance, welcoming?
  • How are you greeted from the welcome station?
  • Do they take the time to welcome and ask for your reservation?
  • Do they give reservations?
  • Is the greeting process professional or unprofessional?
  • Does the maître d'hôtel give you respect and attention?
  • Is the escort to the table done with the proper protocol?
  • Does the maître d'hôtel give the host the opportunity to select the seating arrangement or just sits people anywhere?

2. Proper Business Etiquette

  • Is the table quiet enough to conduct business?
  • Are there special tables for conducting business?
  • If you want to be seen, can you be?
  • If you want to be private, can you be?
  • Are there definitely tables geared to the executive?
  • Are the servers and buss staff professional or part time workers?
  • Do the servers know the menu and the ingredients for each course?
  • Is there an executive atmosphere while sitting at the table?
  • Is the arrangement of the table, flatware, centerpiece, napkins and white tablecloth correct from a protocol standpoint?
  • Looking around, are there executive dinners?
  • Looking around, is the dress of the dinners appropriate for executives?

3. Dining Experience

  • Is the wine list extensive, reasonably priced, geared to the restaurant food?
  • Is the wine presented properly?
  • Are the wine glasses proper?
  • Are the ingredients of the food high quality?
  • Is the taste average, good or exceptional?
  • Is the presentation average, good or exceptional?
  • Was the food served properly?
  • Did they bring more bread, water without asking?
  • Were the dirty plates, glasses taken away properly?
  • Was the timing correct on each serving?

4. After Dining Experience

  • Is the after dinner drink list, appropriate for the executive?
  • Was there a smoking area with a proper cigar selection available?
  • Was the check presented to the host correctly?
  • Was the cost of the meal appropriate?
  • Did the staff make the appropriate gestures of thank you and goodbye?

5. Special Highlights

  • General comments and highlights about the restaurant that would be of interest to the executive.